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Welcome to my artwork page! Every piece has a story! Feel free to explore all of my pieces from my various collections such as: 

- "Wildart" Collection

- "Corps de Ballet" Collection

- "Shoreless" Collection


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36" X 60" - 1200$

I find the bold lines and colors emphasize the beauty of this animal. Once again I chose to use a mainly white abstract background, in order to concentrate the attention on the main subject; wild horses. As a matter a fact, they are known to symbolize strength, independence, power and nobility.


"Wildart" Collection

My Wildart Collection exhibits the single beauty in every creature. I use a realistic approach to the animal painted however enhancing slightly the colours matching the animal's symbolism. Moreover, I created a semi-abstract font to concentrate the attention on the beauty of the subject. Furthermore, the modern style used on these paintings allow these pieces to fit in any given room.

18" X 36" Original 325$ - Sold!

"Unity" is a powerful piece with a dozen of elephants potrayed. Elephants are majestic creatures who live in packs. This piece expresses a gathering energy into the room. Furthermore, "Unity" is the very first piece of my Wildart Collection and sparked many more pieces alike. 



18" X 24" Original 315$ 

"Freedom" is one of the first piece of my Wildart Collection. Every animal has a significance. This one being a bird or more precisely, a dove with a hint of calm blue, represents peace, liberty, self expression...

It releases a calming and confident energy into the room. Furthermore, with its white abstract background it easily fits in any place / room.

30" X 40" Original 950$ - Sold!

"Pegasus" a gift from Zeus, a faithful companion, is a true divinity. This painting captures the essence of divine energy and true love, a perfect piece to place in a home for a wholesome, divine and protective energy. 


"corps de



My "Corps de Ballet" Collection expresses my passion for dance and my respect for classical dance (ballet). I have been dancing since I was four years old making this a well known subject and a personal collection.


18" X 36" Original  - 415$

"Arabesque" is a truly impressive piece. I find that it captures perfectly the  grandiosity  of ballet and frames it in a timeless black and white piece. 



10" X 12" Original 215$ - Sold!

"Allegro" is my very first painting of the "Corps de Ballet" Collection. What I loved about dancing is how our body would move with the music and that is exactly what this piece is showing. We can see the mouvement and feel the music through out the skirts of her costume. 


(sans Rivage)


The ocean is a familiar element to me, I as much enjoy swimming as painting the ocean or any water element for that matter... I prefer to use deep and vivid blues, slightly unrealistic because I wish to express the endless energy water can give us. 


IMG_3803 (1).jpg

16" x 20" original - 275$

"Serenity"is a piece that expresses a deep state of mind. It was inspired by a poem written by Robert Longley:

This piece releases a serein energy reminding us all to live in the moment and appreciate the life we have. 

"Peaceful in the moment 

Tranquil in your soul

To reach a state of balance 

Seems to be the goal


A point where cares are absent

Or maybe put on hold 

Often redefining 

The many rules were told


There is no need to journey 

No need to get away 

Just carve of a moment 

And enjoy it everyday 


The moment will embrace you 

Take time to give it care

Finding the serinity 

Or just being there "



30" X 40" Original - 425$

"Quiet" is my only piece that was created free-handily: without sketches or measurements. As I said I enjoy painting the ocean and that on any scale, I have a natural way to place the movement in the waves without even thinking, purely natural juste like the water. The name of this painting is absolutely ironic, a piece representing a fierce element, moving almost before your eyes but bearing "Quiet" as its name.