Shaheena Piédalue / Artist

Blessed with an artistic side, I paint with passion. When I did my very first art exhibition, people asked me what was my inspiration, I instinctively responded "passion". Moreover, it explains my different subjects in my art, from dance figurines to animals. Everything has a story behind it and it's yours to joyfully explore! Furthermore, I enjoy exchanging and discussing with people, to find out what drives them, their passion, their dreams, their accomplishments and for that reason I specialize in custom art. Whether it's a photo of your first life-altering vacation, your first pet, an animal collection I can easily capture the essence of that subject to create your very own art piece with my signature brush strokes and unique style.  

I strongly invite you to explore all my pages on my website and to invite your friends and family to check it out! If you have any questions, interested in purchasing or looking for a collaboration you can contact me via email it would be my pleasure to answer you! Just to keep you updated, I am constantly creating and adding to my art collections you can follow any news on my instagram page @shaheena_piedalue  or even better subscribe to my mailing list